Corona virus chronicles – Day 6

I decided to work from home because of my cough. Going out in public and having a coughing fit is not a good look at the moment.

In the team meeting Amy and Pete said there was no government advice to work from home, so we should all carry on coming into the office and wash our hands a lot.

About 4.45 Boris Johnson came on air. Anna and I listened in the car on the way back from the bus. As we parked I wanted to stay in the car to hear more and I explained to Anna that I thought this was a historic moment. She wasn’t impressed.

Unprecedented in peacetime 

The news was that everyone who could work from home should. Everyone should avoid gatherings as far as possible. If anyone in your household has the symptoms you all need to stay home for 14 days.

From the weekend people over 70 and those with certain health conditions should refrain from all non-essential contact.

He didn’t know how long this would be for, but at least 12 weeks.

Pretty historic although not unexpected, so not exactly shocking.

My reaction to the speech was to clean the kitchen, tidy the bedroom. Control what you can control. Our home environment is going to need to be as nice as possible.

Boris always wanted to be Churchill. Be careful of what you wish for, Mr Johnson.

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