Corona Virus Chronicles – Day 9

Don’t pan(dem)ic 

I actually like not rushing around.  No parents evening, no getting the tube to work, no after school clubs.  But I expect that might wear off(!)

Euro 2000 has been postponed to next year.  It’s going to be a future pub quiz question…

I feel like the world has suddenly figured out what social media is for:  keeping everyone in touch in a pandemic. Now all those pictures of cats will be what actually keeps us sane.

“Coronavirus crisis” is a mouthful.  They are stumbling over it on the radio.  How about just calling it THE PLAGUE?  

What social changes will come about?  If you were thinking about moving in with your partner then you probably would now so that you could see them.  Will older people get a bit savvier with technology?  Are we going to see lots of funny hairstyles now that people can’t go to the hairdresser? Both teams working on a vaccine in the UK are led by a woman – will we inspire a generation of girls to become scientists? Will the drug trade in Europe be destroyed (been reading Zero Zero Zero by Roberto Saviano). Will there be all sorts of things that we realise we didn’t actually miss and that we don’t go back to?

Generation-defining moment

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