Corona chronicles day ? 

Rhythm is good. Not routine but rhythm. Running 3k per day, doing 30 mins stretching. Following the meal plan and cleaning schedule. Today my brain feels basically empty. It’s a good feeling, brought on partly by running and partly by having almost zero decisionS to make.

Corona virus Chronicles Day 23 

Is the lockdown the ultimate test of whether you’re an introvert or an extravert?

Corona virus Chronicles – day 16 

Just asked Dad if he would like me to buy some things for him in our Ocado order. His answer: 3 bottles of Tanqueray Gin!

Corona virus Chronicles – Day 11 

We are speeding away in our spaceships. One family per ship. We look out of the window and the Earth as we know recedes. Now it looks like our moon, and then it’s just a tiny bright dot in space. How long will the journey take? At least three months, but it could be a […]

Corona virus chronicles – Day 10 

The girls have just finished school. Don’t know when they’ll be going back. Strange times. The end of term. I thought it would also be the beginning of something. I realise now, though, that it’s only an end. Or at best an inbetween. Izzy did a Zoom call with about 20 other girls – a […]

Corona Virus Chronicles – Day 9 

Don’t pan(dem)ic  I actually like not rushing around.  No parents evening, no getting the tube to work, no after school clubs.  But I expect that might wear off(!) Euro 2000 has been postponed to next year.  It’s going to be a future pub quiz question… I feel like the world has suddenly figured out what […]

Corona virus chronicles – Day 7 

Everyone at work working from home today. From next week some people will go into the office 2 days a week though to keep the business running. I’m staying at home. I’m used to working from home so it’s not too difficult for me. Quite nice to have Mark at home, but we don’t see […]

Corona virus chronicles – Day 6 

I decided to work from home because of my cough. Going out in public and having a coughing fit is not a good look at the moment. In the team meeting Amy and Pete said there was no government advice to work from home, so we should all carry on coming into the office and […]

Corona virus chronicles – Day 5 

We stayed home all weekend. Izzy (understandably) didn’t want to go to gym. Anna’s netball matches were cancelled. The piano teacher did come over but I felt a bit guilty as I was still coughing a bit. Mark did go out today to Brent Cross which was apparently pretty quiet, with everyone looking a bit […]

Corona virus chronicles – Day 2 

I worked from home today. Normally I would have gone into work 2 days in the week, but given my cough I felt it would just be awkward on the tube and at work. Still wondering if what I’ve had could be covid-19. I didn’t have a temperature, but obviously the cough and did feel […]